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Make a Student Course Wiki

Make a page on your wiki for these questions and their answers:


What are speakers made of?

How do speakers work?

What are the parts of a speaker?

What is it that makes a speaker sound different from another kind of speaker? Tweeter, Woofer, headphones etc.

What are speaker circuits like?

How do watts and Ohms relate to speaker circuits?

How do you evaluate and buy speakers for a house?

How do you evaluate and buy speakers for a car?

Why would you blow a fuse on a speaker or amplifier?

Why do you need an amplifier, and what does it do?



Make a display of a speaker that you have made.


Label the parts of the speaker.

Make a recording of one of the speaker related concepts you find interesting. This will become part of the sound that will play through your speaker.


3-7-06 Prep for presentation:

Presentation will be last block on Thursday 3-9-06, most likely at Alden.

Written component:

use the questions above and those below to create a document that explains your speaker(s)

Ideally, your document includes photos and drawings of your project in the process of creation.

How does a speaker work?

What have you learned about speakers?

What have you learned about problem solving?

What is your favorite thing about the project?

What was the hardest thing about the project?

Where did your supplies come from?

Whow could your design be improved?

What advice could you give future speaker builders?


Send a link to your documentation to duxtech@gmail.com

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