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Electricity Spring 2006 Exam


1. Make sure all your materials from recent projects are completed and put away.

Inventory your supplies from the circuits project and hand them back in. Replace any missing parts.

2. Complete your documentation of recent projects. Documentation should include photos and typewritten text explaining what you have done, how you have done it and why you have done it that way. It should be possible for somebody to understand and repeat your processes after looking at your docs.

3. Email a link to your documentation to duxtech@gmail.com. Your documentation will be copied and placed on the appropriate pages in the Duxtech wiki farm.

4. Print your documentation and hand it in before or during the exam.

Answer the questions below and print the exam. Hand it in by the end of the exam period. Use your wiki for the exam and print from the wiki.


Questions to include in your printed exam:


1. Define and explain these circuit components and how they are used in circuits:










2. What can you do now that you couldn't do at the start of this course?

3. Explain the process of taking a circuit from concept, schematic, breadboard, perfboard to custom circuit board. Use examples that illustrate what you personally have done. What is the role of troubleshooting?

4. What was the most useful thing you learned from this course?

5. What was the most surprising thing you learned from this course?

Hand in your EndofCourseUpdate

Make sure your documentation of projects is complete. Hand in any work that has not been submitted.

Make sure your projects are removed from the classroom.



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