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DremelPcb - PrintedCircuitBoards

Printed Circuit Board Etching (Dremel) Michael M 5/23/05





To create a PCB using the Dremel Method. (For small boards only)



Prerequisite Skills







Safety Goggles

Blank PCB

Plastic scrub pad

#2 Pencil

1/32” drill bit (or small brad nail)

1/16” drill bit




Procedures PCB Creation




Clean the PCB (copper side) with a plastic scrub pad and warm water.

Trace the foil pattern onto the board with a #2 pencil.

Cut board to size with step shear.

Put on Safety Goggles!

Carefully sand away copper not covered by pencil using Dremel.

When the board has been etched wash with water and clean off pencil with plastic scrub pad.

Check to make sure all foil pads are electrically isolated from each other using the continuity tester.

Drill holes for components using brad nail as drill bit (aprox 1/32 in diameter). To prepare brad nail as drill: Cut off nail head and chuck in dremil tool. Use the point to drill holes in PCB.

Drill holes for wire connections using 1/16” drill bit.

Place components on board and carefully solder.

For extra durability, flow solder over all of the PCB traces.

- PrintedCircuitBoards

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