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For this set of projects, you will use the text Discover Electronics or the Chaney 33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration Kit Instruction Manual. Each of these texts has you use a common set of electrical components to build circuits. These circuits are designed to help you understand the theory and use of electricity, circuits, electrical components. The circuits in both books are very similar, though they are not identical. The text has a great deal of information about how each of these things work. The text has information about how to select and communicate about circuits and their components.


As you build the circuits, you will need to read the text and decipher the pictures. Use the text to help you figure out what these things are and how they work. The text will also include information about the schematic symbols. Look at these carefully and learn to recognize them as you read circuit schematics.


You will start to recognize these electric circuits and their components in other parts of your life, either the concept or the elements are being used all around you. Look at them and begin to recognize the things that you are working with here.


For your documentation, you will need to describe what you have done, how you have done it and what it means using words and graphics. Your documentation will be uploaded to your space on the Teched server. You are using this documentation to demonstrate what you have learned and what it means to you.


Your documentation should have the following structure: A CIRCUITS directory (or folder) This contains an HTML directory (or folder) containing each of the pages listed below, a GRAPHICS directory containing all images and graphics used on the pages in your circuits project. These are at the same level of the Circuits index which is a webpage named INDEX.HTM. The Circuits index has your name (firstname last initial) and the project name in the heading and title, a link to UP A LEVEL, (Electricity index page) and links to all of the pages that are in your HTML direcotry


There are two main sections to the documentation:

Components -

Choose three to five components and answer the following questions on one page with sections:

What is it?

What does it look like?

What does it do in terms of electricity?

How does it use electricty?

How is it affected by electricty?

What does the schematic look like?

How are these devices used in the world around you?


Circuits -

Choose two of the most interesting circuits and answer the following questions on two pages (one for each circuit):

How does it work?

Why does it work?

How do each of the parts of the circuit do their job.

What did you change when you made this circuit and why?

What is this circuit like in the world around you?

What are some examples of circuits like this that you have used?

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